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Sunday 8/08 - 9:00 - 16:00

09:00 - 09:15 Arrive and set up

09:15 - 10:30 Yoga

10:45-12:30 Workshop essential oil

12:30 - 13:15 Lunch by Zeta

13:15 - 15:30 Workshop massage

15:30- 16:00 Tea, cake and reflection

Max 10 yogis.

PRICE :  140 euros for a whole day (Incl. VAT, workshops, working document, lunch, tea, water, refreshments, personalized body oil (50ml))


Do you book the retreat immediately with 2?
Then you get a 10 euro discount per person!

Teacher : Charlotte Beyer, Mirte Van Haver


KOKKON studio
Getem II nr 15
9200 Dendermonde

( folder )

Imagine for a moment that you eat non-stop all day long and that your stomach can no longer keep up with the digestion process. What's going to happen?
Your stomach tilts.

The same thing happens with your brain.

Our senses are turned outward all day long. This gives our brains non-stop stimuli to digest. This continues even when we sleep.

No wonder our minds go into overdrive or get burned out.

Yoga, essential oils and massage are 3 tools that can help you turn your senses inward, calm your nervous system and return to your Self.  


We awaken our minds and bodies with a gentle yoga flow. Then we dive into the world of essential oils. You will learn the science behind aromatherapy and how to use it. After the introduction to aromatherapy, we put together our own personalized body oil.  

Our lunch is provided by Zeta.  

In the afternoon you will learn the art of body work and massage.  This is where our homemade oils come in handy, because we can apply them to feet, hands and head ;-). 

The bodywork and massage are coronaproof in duo (with mouth mask) and with great respect for everyone's body. The massage techniques you learn are performed on top of the clothing or on the hands, feet and head.  

We conclude our day with a moment of reflection with tea and cake.


The workshop will take place in the garden. In case of bad weather, the workshop will be moved to another Sunday in September.  

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