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My name is Charlotte and i am SO grateful that you are here.

I founded out of love for the science of yoga, people and traveling.

Over the last 8 years i have been sharing my knowledge and personal experiences as a yoga student and teacher in classes, workshops, YTT's and retreats.

My heart beats faster when i think about the ocean, high mountains, curry, dogs, my loved ones, philosophy books, deep conversations, belly laughs, studying the human body and mind, sunsets, cooking, Bali, bonfires, sharing personal stories, dancing, surfing, hiking, full body massages and recently i fell in love with the earth again by studying permaculture.

The feeling of Yoga comes from remembering and recognizing our true nature and realizing that we are all the same. All one.

My wish for you is to experience this feeling every day

and i'm here to help you discover how.

I can't wait to connect with you.



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